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SALE! 8 pack Sweetened Condensed Milk Creamer -Made in the USA

$599 $700


We probably all had the powdered creamer at one point in our life with our milk tea and coffee or maybe you might still be using it since you haven’t found something better to replace the powdered one. 

I’ve tried pretty decent tasty coconut creamer in the past and though it wasn’t bad, I was not always in the mood for coconut flavored drinks. 

This is such a smart creation.

No need to open a large can of condensed milk and waste most of it. 

No more having to open your big jug of milk from the fridge, just  to pour just a splash into your coffee and make a mess.

No more sugar sitting at the bottom. 

I use this mostly to make Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, but I’ve used it on toast with a drizzle of this practical condensed milk with strawberries sliced on top. 

Use it to sweeten your single cup of Filipino mashed avocado shake or on your favorited shaved ice or Halo Halo dessert.

The possibilities are endless! Take this camping too since it’s shelf stable before it’s opened. 


Say hello to sweetened condensed milk, your new obsession.

It’s traditionally used to sweeten Vietnamese coffee, and dare we say it’s the best creamer you’ll ever taste? (We dare!)

We craft our creamer using 100% real California milk and pure cane sugar — no additives or preservatives, ever.

Because if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be in your cup.

Made in The United States
This box includes 8 single-serving 30g packets of copper cow creamer. No refrigeration necessary before opening.
Sell by date: 11/2023


Creamer: Milk, Sugar


As a Vietnamese-Californian, I have always loved rich and creamy Vietnamese coffee, and also knew that Vietnam coffee farms, despite being the second largest coffee exporter in the world, have been left behind the global sustainability push. So, I created an in home barista experience to empower anyone to easily sip pure bliss that also fits into busy lives. And, above all else, I made sure all our products are fairly and sustainably sourced, grown and packaged as much as possible. Because creating better, more equitable opportunities in Vietnam is why I started Copper Cow Coffee. That’s the backstory of richly delicious, ridiculously easy Copper Cow. Just knowing you're going to experience one of our smooth, amazing lattes makes me achieve a whole new level of #coffeejoy.

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