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Mamas Got Heart Friendsheep Picks Bundle Eco Dryer Gift Set ( 6pcs assorted with organic essential oil)



It’s finally here— the Friendsheep Mamas Got Heart Hand-picked Bundle Eco- Dryer Set (comes with 6 assorted pcs ($32 value) and a Sun is Shining essential oil ($15 value).

This gift contains assorted one of each:







in its set, along with the very popular essential oil, Sun is Shining Fragrance!

We love how we can change the scents (if you get bored easily or like variety),  how well it softens clothing, lessen wrinkles and how it is biodegradable and non toxic! 

This AMAZING Mamas Got Heart Bundle saves you $5 (compared to if you purchased the balls and essential oil separately)! 


Founder Valeria Isaacs is a zero waste entrepreneur, disability advocate, mother, wife, nature lover, and former biologist. Always passionate about ecology and sustainable living, her pursuit of those passions was interrupted when a spinal cord injury left her quadriplegic at age 22.

During her ongoing recovery, Valeria has obtained a master’s degree in molecular biology, worked in contemporary art, and enjoyed living life at its fullest. In late 2015, she decided to give new meaning her life by funding Friendsheep, a company driven by a desire to make our word more sustainable and just.
Friendsheep has the aim of providing high quality, eco-friendly products that respect animals and the environment while also providing work and purpose to women and people with disabilities stop underprivileged committees of Nepal.
As a mother and woman with disabilities herself, she holds a special place to her heart for every underprivileged woman that strives every day for a better life for herself and her family.


Made in the USA. Therapeutic grade. Always organic, always cruelty-free. 

Friendsheep is a Leaping Bunny certified brand.

"Sun is shining" is a unique blend of Organic Lavender and Organic Sweet Orange essential oils with hints of Organic Rosemary and Organic Sage.

It's the perfect scent to heavenly freshen your laundry - and any room in your house! - while reinvigorating your spirit and relaxing your mind. 

To use in the dryer with you eco dryer balls: add a few (5-7) drops to one Friendsheep eco dryer ball before tossing them in your dryer. Repeat as needed.

To freshly scent your dry laundry: add a few (5-7) drops to your Friendsheep eco freshener before placing them in your drawers, closets. Use it to scent your car, your purse, or a duffle bag


Ditch dryer sheets and switch to a fun, eco-friendly, and toxin-free laundry today with the help of our Cool Friends Eco Dryer Balls!

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are an all-natural and organic fabric softener handmade from 100% premium New Zealand wool.  

They replace single-use chemically treated plastic dryer sheets and fabric softeners that contain harmful chemicals, are fully reusable for over 1000 loads, and reduce drying time by up to 40%!

Each set contains 6 assorted individually hand made and hand decorated Eco Dryer Balls in a hand made, hand printed organic cotton drawstring bag, with Sun is Shining essential oil, making it a unique and compensate gift! 

The dyes used are eco-friendly, certified azo-free, LEAD-FREE, and compliant with the German Safety Product Safety Act (ProdSG)! 

Save time, energy, and money while being kind to people, animals, and our Planet! ❤️🌎


Kids love to play with them when not in use. Makes a fantastic and unique baby shower, birthday or  house warming gift! Also great to give out as a unique party favor, in place of the plastic bouncy balls you usually see.

Doing a unit in school on earth day? These dryer balls can be a cozy and fun addition to your classroom or dramatic play or story area.


After the 1000 loads of laundry you've used them on, this would make a perfect ball for fetch with your furry friend.


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