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The Good Crisps CHEDDAR CHEESE BALLS (with Wellmune for immune system!) 2.75oz



Made in USA

Gluten free, egg free, soy free, tree nut, sesame ,  peanut  and shellfish free.

With Wellmune (scroll down to read more)

CHEESE BALLS  were a favorite snack as a kid, and he wanted to share them with his kids, but without the junk!

Not only did we make our favorite snacks, when our daughter was having Chemo, I saw how vital our immune system is and the amazing work it does to keep us healthy.

After we took all the nasty stuff out of these Cheese balls, I wanted to put something good back in.

That’s why we added Wellmune® which helps strengthen the immune system and enhances its key functions. I hope your children find this addition beneficial. We hope you enjoy!

Taken from - Good Crisp Company

What is Wellmune?

Wellmune® is a leading yeast beta glucan clinically proven to help strengthen your immune system. Added to everyday foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune allows you to be well and stay well.

What type of beta glucan is Wellmune?

Beta glucans are naturally found in foods such as baker’s yeast, shiitake mushrooms, and cereal grains, like barley, oats, rye, and wheat. Wellmune is a yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. Using a proprietary process, Wellmune is extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. Highly purified, Wellmune is certified gluten-free and Non-GMO.

ABOUT A Good Crisp Company 

When founder, Matt was following a food elimination diet so he could feel better.

He found that his favorite snacks didn’t fit into the menu of options.

He was inspired to recreate the classic canister chip, but without the gluten fillers, top allergens and artificial junk.

Turned out his 3 daughters loved them as well, and it quickly became a family business.

The two non-negotiables Matt had were:

  • Great Taste
  • Good Ingredients

The inspiration for creating the perfect chip emerged in 2014

  • We use cleaner and sustainable ingredients and manufacturing practices to develop great tasting snacks for children and adults.
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY SNACKS: At The Good Crisp Company, our products and manufacturing facility are free from eggs, wheat & gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, fish & shellfish, sesame seeds, mustard, and celery. Non-GMO and Certified Gluten Free.
  • KIDS LOVE, MOM APPROVED: We have created a great-tasting alternative to your everyday canister potato chip. With great-tasting, allergen-friendly ingredients, our potato chip snack packs are perfect for school lunches or as an after school snack.
  • HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE POTATO CHIPS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Founded by a father looking to create a cleaner and gluten-free canister potato chip option that the entire family can enjoy. With the flavor options loved by all, the adults love the large packs with the resealable pop top, and the kids love the small snack packs!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) is a global leader in the fight against cancer and holds a special place in our founder’s family. His youngest daughter, Trixie, was diagnosed with Leukemia upon birth. With good fortune, Trixie has been cancer free for a few years.

The Good Crisp Company donates 5% of online sales to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with a minimum guarantee donations of $10K.

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