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Wool Goods for Decorating, Playing and Home-use!

Replace your plastic banner with handmade creative and fun garlands that will last for a long time! Rainbow garland, heart garlands and daisies galore- we've got them here for ya! Use them to decorate for birthday parties, baby showers, to decorate a nursery or loft bed, Valentine's day, mother's day, teacher appreciation week , bridal showers, spring decorations and all holidays!

They can be used around the house all year to add some color and fun to your home and look great around a tree too. Plus if you add some essential oil, you add natural fragrance to your room too!

Create an instant backdrop for all occasions that won't wrinkkeor get tossrd after you use them and put them away. 

Add little bees, ladybugs, stingrays, assorted shapes into your eco friendly it Montessori inspired classroom for sensory bins or themed stations.

Get your naturally scented laundry by putting a few drops of essential oils onto eco friendly fair trade dryer balls that also shorten drying time and reduce sratic. 

Give your kitty toys you can feel good about playing with, that are natural and not made of cheap plastic. 

Fill Easter or gift baskets with any of these wooly goods and replace plastic necklaces with wool necklaces that you can naturally scented! 

When you're ready to toss them hopefully much, much, much later on,  you can rest assure that they will eventually break done and won't be sitting on the Earth forever like plastic banners or toys.

Wool Goods for Decorating, Playing and Home-use!