Mamas Got Heart was inspired by Yvonne’s Hopscotch Mom Blog (hopscotchmom.com), where she shares “ Tidbits of All Things Family, Children and Education related.” 

After becoming mom and raising her own family, Yvonne was inspired to be more green, more mindful of all the purchases she makes. The birthday parties were always fun to plan, but she realized there were so many disposables from the one time use plastic goody bags to the often one time use decorations and toys. 

She strived to make better choices as she picked out toys and goody bags that she thinks would be purposeful, educational and hopefully stick around for more than a few weeks. It was difficult to find non-plastic toys that were affordable. 

With all that said, Yvonne created this store to fill with eco friendlier choices that will hopefully last forever; or for when they do get tossed, it won’t add to the pile of plastic and goods that already overflow the landfill; or at least high quality enough to donate or pass on to another family member or friend for years to come.  

This store will be a journey for her as well, as she continues to venture out and find gifts and favors that are excellent quality and as eco friendly as she can find! If you would like to share an eco-friendly party favor idea for me to stock here, please feel free to reach out and I will try my best to stock it.

Inspired by her daughter who has a dairy, egg and nut allergy and how frustrating it was that there really wasn’t just one place she could look to find snacks she could eat, she did her own research on what snacks she would feed her.  She will be slowly stocking up on dairy free, egg free and nut items as well! 

She also added a Fundraise Collection inspired by all the times she helped volunteer to do fundraisers at her daughters' school and found so many one time disposables poor quality toys! She hopes to connect schools to a more mindful way  to fundraise-- learning about real people and the companies they created, where everyone shares a story of how they contribute their passions and talents and making the world a better place.

So come along and let’s make a difference in this world one mindful good at a time.