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Friendsheep Earth Tones Eco Coasters and Trivets



These trivets are so cute and versatile! Use it as a coaster, a trivet or let it catch some drippings of a small plant you just watered. Makes a unique plastic free housewarming gift! Hand made in Nepal by real people that are paid a fair wage and good working conditions.


Handmade, absorbent, and plastic free!

These Earth Tones eco coasters and trivet are perfect to protect your furniture while adding a cozy yet minimalist touch to your home.

Great for both kids and adults: fun, colorful and forever reusable!

HINT: give a twist to the eco coasters by adding essential oils to them, they make great fresheners!

Hand made for fair wages by Nepalese women artisans with 100% cruelty free New Zealand wool and colored with azo-free eco-friendly dyes.

Hand felted with just warm water and vegetable soap and then sun dried.

No toxic dyes or fragrances added, never. 

Eco Trivet. - Square Eco Trivet: Measures 8"x8"x0.75".

All products packaged with cotton ribbon and tag.

End of Life: Compostable, recyclable.


Founder Valeria Isaacs is a zero waste entrepreneur, disability advocate, mother, wife, nature lover, and former biologist. Always passionate about ecology and sustainable living, her pursuit of those passions was interrupted when a spinal cord injury left her quadriplegic at age 22.

During her ongoing recovery, Valeria has obtained a master’s degree in molecular biology, worked in contemporary art, and enjoyed living life at its fullest. In late 2015, she decided to give new meaning her life by funding Friendsheep, a company driven by a desire to make our word more sustainable and just.
Friendsheep has the aim of providing high quality, eco-friendly products that respect animals and the environment while also providing work and purpose to women and people with disabilities stop underprivileged committees of Nepal.
As a mother and woman with disabilities herself, she holds a special place to her heart for every underprivileged woman that strives every day for a better life for herself and her family.


Made in the USA. Therapeutic grade. Always organic, always cruelty-free. 

Friendsheep is a Leaping Bunny certified brand.

"Sun is shining" is a unique blend of Organic Lavender and Organic Sweet Orange essential oils with hints of Organic Rosemary and Organic Sage.

It's the perfect scent to heavenly freshen your laundry - and any room in your house! - while reinvigorating your spirit and relaxing your mind. 

To use in the dryer with you eco dryer balls: add a few (5-7) drops to one Friendsheep eco dryer ball before tossing them in your dryer. Repeat as needed.

To freshly scent your dry laundry: add a few (5-7) drops to your Friendsheep eco freshener before placing them in your drawers, closets. Use it to scent your car, your purse, or a duffle bag


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