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42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Blossom


The 42-piece set incorporates nine unique shapes, including the wildly-addictive magnetic wheels. Whether it's creating a towering beanstalk, a singing harp, or rocketing away in an enchanted bean-wagon, this set is built for giant imaginations.

  • Safe and eco-friendly, Tegu toys are NATURAL WOOD, with water-based finishes and recycled packaging. They are naturally safe: no lead, no plastic and non-toxic.
  • Tegu is a building system consisting in a series of magnetic blocks and shapes appropriate for toddlers, girls or boys. It is an open-play manipulative toy with puzzle-like construction abilities.
  • Tegu is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Graduation or any special occasions.
  • Fully Compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Set
  • Reach new heights. Approach your tall tower from all kinds of new angles! Tegu angle magnetic blocks allow geometric building possibilities for gravity-defying play that take children to the edge.
  • Safe for all ages – With no choking hazards, sharp corners, or harmful chemicals, Tegu is safe for kids 0+ and fun for all ages