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BeanVivo Organic Baja Black Beans



The best tasting and textured black beans we have found to date! If I boiled fresh beans and lightly seasoned it in my own , it would probably taste like these (I used to make my own beans before I had kids from scratch). 

My kids are obsessed with these and I replaced deli meat with this for their breakfast with rice and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (shredded cheese would be yummy too). Heat up these beans and spoon some into a tortilla with cheese and it makes a quick breakfast too. Add eggs and avocado and a dash of hot sauce- yum!

You can actually taste the flavor of the black bean. The touch of spices they put in is just enough to give it flavor, without overpowering the beans (which makes it is a great base for any recipe, like black bean salsa).  The beans are NOT mushy, you can feel the beans in each bite! No weird aftertaste. 

The people who own this company are lovely too- they go above and beyond to create this high quality, wholesome and tasty product and their customer service is top notch—one of the BEST all around! 

About this product

Made in The United States.

Our Baja Black Beans are an authentic celebration of the tastes and cultures across California's peninsula, the Baja, where food and meals are central to celebrations among friends and family. Even though it's made with only a few ingredients, don't be fooled—this is one of our most popular recipes! These beans are as high in protein as they are in flavor.

Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.


Water, Organic Black Beans, Organic Onions, Organic Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Spice.


VIVOTRIBE was founded with a mission of developing tasty foods and snacks for people on-the-go, by using simple nutritious ingredients that make you feel nourished and more alive.

Our first product is BeanVIVO®, Ready-to-Eat Organic beans seasoned with global flavors and simple ingredients. BeanVIVO® is at the crossroads of Convenience, Digestive Health, and Sustainability.

Made from Organic Beans grown locally in the United States and supporting regenerative agriculture and better farming practices.

We are obsessively organic, and passionately plant-based.

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