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Oral Immunity Spray Bio-First-Made in Australia


We have run out of stock for this item.


With 3 school age kids, it’s needless to say they get sick a few times a year. We typically use our UMF Manuka Honey (also available here at Mamas Got Heart) and it’s worked amazingly at the slightest inkling of a sore throat. However, when I came upon Bio-First’s Immunity Spray, I was intrigued! The ingredients listed were all natural and sounded tasty too! I tried it with my whole family and love that it is travel friendly on the plane, portable and the kids are able to use it themselves. My kids all enjoy spraying it themselves. It reminds me of the warhead sour spray candies (we get them this once in awhile), except this one, I don’t feel guilty having them spray. I have one kid who is pickier when it comes to how things taste, but even she sprays herself because she feels how quickly and effectively it works for sore throats/ coughs. 

I use this with the Manuka Spray. We usually start with this spray (2-3) and then end with the Manuka Spray (their preferred flavor also 2-3 sprays). For more stubborn coughs and sore throats, we use along with the Manuka Honey (also available here). 

CURRENT BEST BY DATE 11/2023, however Bio-First confirmed it is still good to use 3 months after best date, 2/2024


About this product

Enhance your Kids (2+) routine immune support with this superior non-toxic formulation to help them be well, stay well & get well. Powered by nature, backed by science. Think Dirty Verified
- ZERO nasties 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards BRONZE Kids Nutrition.
Current Stock Printed Expiry Date - 31 October 2023
This stock has a 3 month shelf life extension until the 31 January 2024.
• Made in Australia • Dimensions: 5.2″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ (13.2 x 3.7 x 3.7cm)

About Bio-First

Bio-First enables you to solve and care for your family's skin issues and enhance their health defence with genuine natural remedies that work.

Like you, we were tired & disappointed with the options available on the market to care for our family.

They were either toxic, chemical-based products or so-called natural products that weren't genuine.

This is where we started our journey to become your partner in personal health.

Our remedies are:

- Formulated by a PhD in Natural Medicine

- Made only from natural ingredients

- Strong evidence base

- Australian Certified Toxic Free - Think Dirty Verified (0 nasty ingredients)

- Created by our family, for yours

- Australian made

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