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WISSNER Aktiv lernen-Counting Math Game -Hunderterraum (Hundreds) -Made in Germany


We have run out of stock for this item.

ABOUT Counting Math Game Hunderterraum

With this game, children discover the number range up to 100 in a playful way, ideal for practicing adding and subtracting numbers.

The playful competition and the ability to self-control keep motivation high.

The learning playset consists of 2 hundred plates with and without printed numbers, 22 ten sticks, 6 five bars and 28 single dice, 2 red and blue dice each and 1 guide (in German)

The number bars and cubes are made from re-wood, a sustainable and ecological material that is 100 percent recyclable and free from harmful substances.

The game is delivered packaged in a recycled box.

The family-owned company Wissner relies on conscious, sustainable material selection and produces exclusively in Germany.

Other highlights: 

- Playful practice and consolidation of the number ranges up to 20 and up to 100

- Practicing structured counting

- Add and subtract in the number range 1-100

- Motivation to create your own tasks through self-control and playful competition

-Made in Germany

ABOUT Wissner® aktiv lernen

For over 45 years, we have been devoting ourselves to didactically meaningful teaching and learning materials and learning playsets in the field of mathematics, all under our guideline “Active Learning”. But what does that mean exactly?

For us, active learning means that we enjoy learning and developing products that appeal to different senses. They train three-dimensional vision, can be felt, understood and compared, thus promoting the children's individual talents. So that they can take their learning into their own hands and actively learn according to their needs - see, touch and understand. “Learn actively, have the courage to try something out, ask questions and discover your talents! ”

Our educational playsets allow multi-dimensional learning according to Pestalozzi and can be combined with each other - everything goes with everything! They are logical and coordinated in terms of size, width, color, volume and weight. This facilitates comprehensive learning and reveals connections. And self-developed solutions are not only fun, but also tremendously proud!


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