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Dabble & Dallop Cherry on Top Conditioner (10oz)


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Our new favorite conditioner because it smells like cherry Starburst and a little goes a long way!

Usually, with our long hair (mom of 3 girls her), it takes a lot of “kid” conditioner to get tangles under control. The kids noticed a difference too and I love how they now love to get their hair untangles these days and they love how they can untangle their hair without having to “pry” their tangles apart! 


Dabble & Dollop Cherry on Top Conditioner is a natural, safe and effective way to detangle, condition and seal the hair and hair cuticle. Our conditioner makes hair smoother, shinier and softer - and it smells amazing! The perfect complement to our seven 3-in-1 scents. It really is the Cherry on Top of your bath or shower! Cherry on Top Conditioner is creamy white, silky, and smoothes on like a high-end salon-style conditioner. It is designed to rinse clean and is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, made from USA plant-sourced ingredients, vegan and gluten-free.


Dabble and Dollop creates natural, USA-made, children’s bathing & personal care products that are actually joyous to use!

As a 20+ year veteran of the cosmetic ingredient space (and mother of three), I was frustrated seeing children’s bath brands using long lists of unnecessary ingredients in their formulas. I knew I could create safe, effective, and fun products but could use far fewer ingredients!

After selling the ingredient business, I created Dabble & Dollop and our “Less is More” Philosophy. Dabble & Dollop is our toddler & children's personal care line (Ages 2 to 12).

Our hair, bath & hand washes feature 10 or fewer ingredients and utilize our allergen-free, EU-compliant, SmartScent™ ingredient.

SmartScent allows children, even with sensitive skin, to experience great smelling scents and encourages them to express their creativity in the bath. With scents designed to be mixed, kids can blend and match textures to create their own unique bathing concoctions.

Dabble Ducky is our infant care line (Ages 0 to 100). It's designed for the unique needs of infant skin, eczema prone skin, sensitive/dry skin or for those who prefer an unscented bathing experience.

Made with a proprietary beta-glucan, Beta-Baby™, our products are clinically proven to sooth and protect the infant skin barrier by boosting short and long term hydration while fighting redness and irritation.

Dabble Ducky products are fragrance free, essential oil free, and also feature 10 ingredients or less.

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