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Early Bird Food Co. Choc-o-Doodle Granola (12oz)


We have run out of stock for this item.

If you loved the Trio Grab and Co Set, you will LOVE this Choc-o- Doodle Doo.  So far, we only have the large pack of Choc-o-Doodle (this blend doesn’t have nuts). 
My kids’ school isn’t nut free, but I like to be mindful of kids with nut allergies (my nephew is highly allergic to nuts and my eldest did have nut allergies when she was younger). 
My middle child is asking me to turn this into a rice crispy
treat and I think they may be on to something! The light and slight crisp and delicate flavor and texture of the oats is airy enough to make a pretty good rice crispy treat it base for a protein ball rolled over peanut or sunflower butter. 
If you tried all the flavors we have on here already and would like to see a large size of a different flavor, please reach out and I may stock it. 
***ALLERGY WARNING: Made in a kitchen that uses tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.
Made in the United States .
Made with dark chocolate and coconut. Because two things as luxurious as these should always be together. Even for breakfast.


Hello :) You're wondering who we are? Where we come from? Well, it's a pretty great story :) Once upon a time, in 2008, Nekisia Davis was running a famous pizza restaurant in Brooklyn, NY and one night after work she found herself dreaming of a better granola to brighten her breakfast experience.

The following morning, totes in hand, she stocked up on granola ingredients at her local Co-Op and headed home to create a batch of granola that would change the world (the world of granola, that is). Her friends and co-workers were WOWed by the taste and, voila! Early Bird Foods & Co. was hatched.

It didn't take long for Nekisia's innovative + delicious granola to garner fans in high places.

Martha Stewart was among the first (check this out!) then the New York Times' Melissa Clark, then Rob & Robin at New York Magazine, then all of everyone everywhere.

Even Daniel Humm, chef from the 3 Michelin star restaurant Eleven Madison Park, borrowed her Farmhand's Choice recipe for the EMP house granola!

Over 13 years in business and growing strong, Early Bird Foods & Co. remains the VERY BEST granola on offer anywhere fine cereals are sold. Woo woo!

Early Bird is WOMAN & QUEER OWNED and OPERATED and damn proud of it!


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