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SALE! Garden in a Bag- Mini Pink Snapdragon Flower

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If you’ve been following Mamas Got Heart since the beginning, you’ll know we had the Sunflower in a Bag, Tomato in a Bag and Strawberries in a Bag. And if you had the opportunity to grow those, you’ll know these little convenient grow bags work and the seeds really grow! We are excited to add the French Marigold Garden in a Bag in our shop, along with the Basil Garden in a Bag, Viola (another edible flower) Garden in a Bag, Garden in a Bag, Italian Parsley Garden in a Bag and Snapdragon Garden in a Bag! Planning to bundle up a small bouquet, alongside the French Marigold Garden in a Bag and Viola Garden in a Bag for mom and grandma for Mother's Day!


Made in the United States.
Mini-Snapdragon {Antirrhinum majus} Rose-pink clusters of flowers on sturdy stems named for the flower head which, when laterally squeezed, is reminiscent of the head of a dragon opening its mouth.
To encourage more blossoms, pinch off old blooms.
Complete to grow kit in a leak proof bag a perfect gift for her, Valentine's Day or any nature lover.
Includes: seed, OMRI listed soil, OMRI coconut husks for drainage, directions.
Bag 7" high x 6" wide.

About Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.

our beginning. | est. in 1998 - We were weekend gardeners, saving seed in the typical envelopes and plastic baggies. Being designers by day, we decided to try our hand at creating a kit that could neatly store seed in a compact case that not only functioned well but looked good too. So we did. Just for fun we sent a prototype to the largest English garden company we could think of. To our surprise, they called and wanted everything we had in stock. We said some crazy number but in reality we had one. A mix of excitement, panic and many long nights followed but we made the order by the deadline and Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. was born. Twenty years have passed since that very first design and even today, with each new product, the thrill remains. our mission | Potting Shed is a design company inspired by reclaimed objects, a love of food, science and modern culture, with a simple focus — to design and build, by hand, genuine products for everyday living. philosophy | people build better products than machines.


—> IF ORDERING 10 or MORE THAN 5 Garden in a Bags, please email sales@mamasgotheart.com for a bulk order discount. 

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