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BACK IN STOCK! Made in Greece Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375ml) by Kosterina


2 reviews


Why We Love It

After looking into different types of cold pressed olives that go into Extra Virgin Olive Oils, I’ve read about many types of Olives. This Organic Everyday EVOO is the perfect everyday olive oil to use for cooking and dipping with a great price point, superior quality and a genius spout that doesn’t leak (and it’s not in a plastic squeeze bottle!! Have you ever heard of the Blue Zones or watched the documentary? It covers people around the world in the Blue Zone, that love the longest- over 100 years old! Greece is one of the places covered. This EVOO is from the Blue Zone! Not saying this EVOO make people live the longest; but it’s intriguing to see how the people there live and eat! Kosterina uses 100% Koroneki Olives and each bottle has a harvest date you can reference. The Extra Virgin olive oil flavor is mild and delicate with a small touch of bitter (but close to none, when compared to others). Also available in a 3L tin (can be stocked upon request) to refill the standard 500ml Blue Organic Everyday EVOO UV protected bottle! 

What the founder says:

During my time in Greece, the lifestyle I was experiencing reminded me of the Blue Zones -- 5 areas of the world that have a higher than average population of centenarians (people who live to be over 100). The island of Ikaria, Greece is one of them and its inhabitants' longevity is attributed to a plant-based diet, adequate sleep, strong personal relationships and yes, even EVOO.” You can read more about this topic on Kosterina’s blog : https://www.kosterina.com/blogs/news/the-blue-zones

This Garlic EVOO  is the only one you will ever need to try and my top pick for Holiday Gifts this year! If you cook with a lot of garlic, this is the oil for you!  After trying other popular Garlic Oil brands that are either too mild or lacking in garlic flavor, you will absolutely not be disappointed in this Garlic Olive Oil! My family uses this for instant garlic fried rice and garlic broccoli pasta! It will taste like you fried a million garlic pieces to get this intensity of pure unami garlic flavor, except you didn’t! This addition to our family pantry created so many quick meals/ shortcuts for even any meal that requires fresh garlic!

***FREE GIFT BAG UPON REQUEST TO HOLD THE KOSTERINA EVOOs (please add in the NOTE section: “Giftbag Needed.”) 

 About this product

Our Garlic Olive Oil is packed with rich garlic taste and impressive health benefits. Each bottle starts with our 100% pure, ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, which is cold-pressed from early harvest olives in southern Greece. We then add a dash of Mediterranean flavor with roasted garlic oil for an olive oil that will add complexity and depth to any dish.

Size ~ 375ml .

Best by 2026 

High Polyohenol Count: 570mg/kg at the time of harvest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Game changer!

Love!!! This Garlic flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a game changer! I must say it exceeded my expectations. I use it almost daily for salads, sandwiches, pasta, etc. It really comes in handy when I run out of garlic at home. Highly recommended!!

KarMing Lin
Bursting with Flavor

Can’t stop dipping my bread into this delicious garlic EVOO. It is bursting with garlic flavor with each bite.