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Hidden Animals Coloring Book: Discover Your Favorite Animals Hiding in Plain Sight (Design Originals) 32 Intricate Designs; Camouflaged Bears, Iguanas, Zebras, Owls, and More in Their Natural Habitats Veronica Hue


Search through beautiful jungles, forests, deserts, and oceans to see what you can find!

  • 32 intricate designs of animals camouflaged within their natural habitats and just waiting to be colored into life
  • 8 beautiful examples fully colored by Llara Pazdan, Claudia Freddi, and Kirsten Green, to offer design inspiration
  • Fun facts about each animal's camouflage tactics and how they hide in their surroundings, so you can learn as you color
  • Wild animal designs include bears, leopards, pandas, iguanas, zebras, owls, sloths, and more
  • One-side-only designs so you don't have to decide which designs to color and which to sacrifice
  • Perforated pages so when your art is complete, you can remove it to display or give it as a gift


With an observant eye, explore the ultimate coloring experience that's unlike any other animal-inspired coloring book!

Hidden Animals Coloring Book is filled with 32 realistic line art designs of stunning, camouflaged animals in their own natural habitats, including backyard critters, sea life, and exotic wild animals like otters, bats, koalas, monkeys, manatees, and more. This extreme coloring book for adults is an exciting and creative escape from everyday life into beautiful worlds where wild animals live and masterfully blend in with unique concealment tactics.

Learn about each animal as you color, with fascinating descriptions for every design that explain how the featured animal uses camouflage in their habitat, plus other educational fun facts about their environment. From the jungle to the sea, several of the wild animals included within these pages are endangered or vulnerable, or their habitats need our help. Not only does this coloring book for grownups provide creative coloring opportunities, it also helps raise awareness for animal conservation, from bears and leopards to pandas and sea turtles.

Each of these frame-worthy and giftable illustrations is printed on a single side of high-quality, extra-thick paper that is acid-free and rated to last for 200 years! Use any or all of your favorite coloring implements: colored pencils, gel pens, watercolors, crayons, brush pens, glitter pens, markers, and more. Tips on supplies, color theory, shading, and highlighting, step-by-step instructions on blending, and an inspirational gallery of colored examples are all included. The toothy pages have a perforated edge for easy removal—either before you start if you prefer to color on a different surface, or after your art is complete, to frame and display it or to present it to a loved one as a thoughtful gift.

Immerse yourself in a unique coloring book that offers both a calming pastime and an educational opportunity in one, with Hidden Animals Coloring Book!

Eagle-eyed nature lovers will delight in this fun coloring book! Veronica's illustrations capture the joy and excitement of spotting your favorite animals hidden in the patterns of nature. This book is a beautiful reminder to pay attention every day and look for our animal friends in the world all around us!
—Jess Volinski, author of the Notebook Doodles series of coloring books

The vibrant contrast of the landscapes and the joyful portraits of the wildlife are in perfect combination. This book is a beautiful invitation to honor Nature—the greatest artist.
—Valentina Harper, author of the Creative Coloringseries

Animals seem to come to life, the more you color. I love how these designs present animals on unique, artistic backgrounds, from water to woods. As an animal-lover, this coloring book hits all the right spots.
—Aimee Heckel, author and writer for USA Today

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