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I’m Happy-Sad Today Making Sense of Mixed-Together Feelings by Lory Britain, Ph.D.


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Former classroom teacher and specialist in gifted education, Judy Galbraith founded Free Spirit Publishing in 1983 becoming the first publisher to focus on self-help materials to help young people lead better lives.


A great book for all ages! These days children may feel happy they get to learn remotely with family, but a little sad because they miss playing with their friends at recess. This books talks about painting, pretend playing,  dancing and other healthy ways to express feelings.

Happy and also sad? Excited but nervous too? Feeling friendly with a little shyness mixed in? Mixed feelings are natural, but they can be confusing. There are different kinds of happy—the quiet kind and the “noisy, giggly, jump and run” kind. And there are conflicting feelings, like proud and jealous, frustrated and determined.

With gentle messaging and charming illustrations, a little girl talks about her many layered feelings, ultimately concluding, “When I have more than one feeling inside me, I don’t have to choose just one. I know that all my feelings are okay at the same time.” 

A special section for adults presents ideas for helping children explore their emotions, build a vocabulary of feeling words, know what to do if they feel overwhelmed, and more.

Lory Britain, Ph.D., has more than forty years of experience working with children, teachers, and families. Her background includes time in the classroom as a preschool teacher; helping found therapeutic child and family programs; teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in early childhood education; and presenting at state, national, and international conferences for professionals who work with young children. In addition to this work, Dr. Britain has written many children’s books that help kids stay safe and express their feelings and ideas. She also takes her therapy dog, Puppet, to visit children in hospitals and schools. Lory lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Matthew Rivera is an award-winning illustrator from Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s in fine arts, then moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an art director for agencies, large corporations, and toy companies. Now he makes art and writes stories for kids! He is happiest making art, eating French fries, and exploring his city. Visit him at matthewdidit.com.

ISBN: 978-1-63198-305-4

Reading Level: Grade 2

Interest Level: Ages 3–8

Guided Reading Level: K

Trim Size: 11.25" x 9.25"

Page Count: 40

Click here to read a detailed book review of the story: https://hopscotchmom.com/im-happy-sad-today-by-lori-britain-phd/

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Anna Valdes
Wonderful book!

This was given to my son as a Christmas gift. It is truly a touching book. The mash-up of words is so fantastic, meaning if you feel two different ways you come up with one word for that feeling. Like if you feel sad and mad, you are "smad." The book is wonderful because it allows for children to express their many emotions/feelings and by also telling them those emotions/feelings are valid. More importantly, it's okay to feel many different things at one time! I highly recommend this book.