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Instant Masala Chai Latte Powder 2.2 lbs Bulk Label by Chai Diaries


About this product

Made in India

The Original Masala Chai Latte is our insta-chai powder blend which makes your life easier and promises to keep you chai’d up all the time!

No residue! No clean-up!

You can add either 3tsp (their packaging says 3tsp) for a more delicate Chai per cup or 3tbsp (their website says 3tbsp) for a more robust Chai (my personal go to!). I reached out and they say either works!  I usually mix and match both blends. Anything way you have it, I love that this Chai is so well balanced. Both this masala and ginger Chai is extremely flavorful and well rounded- not too spicy, but very tasty. It’s my morning go to and I find it relaxes me and keeps me more focused since I’ve been having it, in place or coffee (Chai is also high caffeine, like a cup of coffee). 

Just easy, instant chai to reduce inflammation and increase energy levels!

A personalized blend created by our founder’s mother, our insta-masala chai fills you with all the goodness of an authentic cup of chai without the clean-up after!

Passed on for generations, the masala chai is a blend of super ingredients to help energize, support immune health and aid digestion.

Dairy Whitener (Partly Skimmed Milk Powder & Sugar), Sugar, Tea Extract, Masala (Cardamon, Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Nutmeg)


Our CHAI-OSOPHY: Although there may be chaos each day, it is important for you to remain the hero in your diary. We encourage you to take micro wellness pauses, "tea breaks'', to reset your mind and reclaim your power.

Think of us as your very own cheerleader, cheering you on to kick ass and shine in your power! Prioritize yourself & your health with our authentic, natural teas that give you an indulgent experience for your mind, body & soul.

The world can wait, you deserve it. About Chai Diaries: Started by a first generation Indian-immigrant, this 100% minority, woman-owned brand is steeped in authenticitea.

With three generations of family legacy in tea growing and manufacturing in the beautiful Nilgiris of India – Ami created the brand Chai Diaries in the USA (California) to share her rich history in tea and start a movement celebrating The Chai Pause.

Chai Diaries is a premiere and reliable source for tea which delivers customized multi- origin solutions in different blends and formats of packaging.

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