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Kids Strawberry Garden-in-a-Bag | Strawberry Grow Kit– Self Contained –Kid's DIY Grow Kit- JUST ADD WATER!


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Two weekend gardeners, being designers by day,  decided to try our hand at creating a kit that could neatly store seed in a compact case that not only functioned well but looked good too. Their kits took off! Twenty years have passed since that first design and even today, with each new product, the thrill remains. Their philosophy today is "People build better products than machines." Potting Shed is a design company inspired by reclaimed objects, a love of food, science and modern culture, with a simple focus — to design and build, by hand, genuine products for everyday living.


So many times, just finding soil, a pot or seeds can be annoying- and many times, we don’t have all of the things we need at home and that alone can deter us from growing activities. These Grow Bags are convenient, fun, educational and fun. They also make a great Easter Activity for friends, birthdays, graduation celebrations, weddings and parties.

Alpine Strawberry {Fragaria vesca} This delicate but easy to grow plant produces delicious, aromatic red strawberries about twice the size of wild berries. They bear fruit in the second year; in some cases fruit may appear in the first fall. Alpine strawberry plants stay compact and produce few runners so they make excellent houseplants even when they aren't producing fruit. Includes: heirloom seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, leak-proof coloring bag, garden stake, directions.
Made in United States of America.

Please note that all orders will be sent out once the fundraising period is over and allow approximately 3-6 weeks for Yvonne to get all the orders ready to be organized and shipped to you. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mercedes Valle
Fun activity

Really nice activity For the kiddo in your life and you. They love to participate and anticipate the growth of the new plant 🌱 highly recommend it.