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Know Peace Tool for anxiety, stress, fidgeting, ADHD, ADD, ASD, and BFRB (5pcs)


About this product

Calm Strips are reusable and residue-free textured sensory stickers designed to help regulate restless energy and promote mindfulness.

They feature beautiful designs inspired by calming scenes & experiences, mindfulness & breathing activities, or inspirational words & phrases.

Calm Strips provide a cool and convenient way to manage sensory needs; whether you're simply touching, scratching, or tracing the textured surface or also utilizing one of our grounding / breathing activities.

We are also incredibly proud that Calm Strips are being used by over 200,000 satisfied customers, including teachers and students in over 5000 schools.

Made in Sweden

About Calm Strips

A cool and convenient way to help regulate restless energy. Calm Strips might look like any other sticker, but they are actually the first-of-their-kind reusable textured sensory adhesives.
They're a simple and convenient tool for anxiety, stress, fidgeting, ADHD, ADD, ASD, and BFRB.
Just peel and stick Calm Strips to almost any flat, less-textured surface.
Perfect to use on desks, phone cases, laptops, notebooks, and more!
Touch, scratch, or pick at the top layer to help regulate restless energy and increase focus.
They're reusable, residue-free and latex-free!
Over 125,000 satisfied Calm Strips customers and used in over 3,000 classrooms nationwide!

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