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NEW FLAVOR!!! Miso Almonds


We have run out of stock for this item.


What We Love

The almonds are crunchy and taste really fresh. The black garlic flavor has been a hit since it arrived in the shop- sold out several times already. Our customers love to buy this between 6 and a dozen at a time for last them all week for snacks, gym, travel and work. 

Tasty, without the guilt! 0 grams of sugar per pack and 7 grams of plant based protein. It’s been a popular pick with nurses and runners. 

The first flavor we chose to carry was the Black Garlic and has been quite the popular pick with nurses and runners.  

This Miso flavored almonds are pretty similar to the Black Garlic, meaning there’s an overall rounded sone what sweet flavor from the miso (just like the black garlic), but you don’t get garlic part. 

So tasty, you will feel like you’ve just had a mini meal. 

About this product

Koji (fermented rice) and our original Umami salt bring out the almond's natural depth of flavor.

This is our version of a plain, lightly salted almond.

• 7g plant-based protein, 0g added sugar, 3g dietary fiber.

• Individually wrapped single serving packs make a perfect on-the-go between meals or workout snack, also great for sharing at offices, parties, events.

• Vegan, Gluten-Free.

• All clean ingredients, nothing artificial.

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