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LoveBug Kid Probiotics Organic Gummies (2.5 billion CFU) Plastic Jar



This is a great everyday probiotic my kids take pretty regularly. 

When many of the kids had stomach bugs at school (as per my kids- many were out for a few days or a few weeks even), one of my kids were completely fine and 2 were out for just 1 day. 

When sick with stomach problems or feeling under the weather, my whole family takes the 10 billion CPU version of the LoveBug Probiotics and found my kids personally bouncing back from stomach bugs much quicker than they used to. 

While we are still obsessed with our New Zealand UMF20 Manuka Honey and personally take it right before a start of a cold or sore throat, this has been our go to at any hint of an upset stomach. 

* Disclaimer: I’m not a dietician or nutritionist by any means, but do my own research on what can be effective fighting colds and stomach bugs and happy to share what I give to my own family. 

About this product

Made in the United States

A delicious organic probiotic gummy for your child's immune and digestive health. Containing 2.5 billion cfu of the clinically studied probiotic strain de 111, lovebug kids daily probiotic gummies support a good bacterial balance in your child’s tummy, which help to keep them healthy.* organic and vegan

About LoveBug Probiotics

LoveBug offers an award-winning line of probiotics for the whole family. Premium probiotics for adults, kids, and babies. 

Our Story Ashley Harris, mom and Founder, couldn't find an effective and all natural probiotic to ease her son's colic and digestive issues.

Ashley had tested positive for group B strep when she was pregnant and was given broad spectrum antibiotics as a preventive measure during labor.

Those antibiotics killed off the group B strep, but also the good bacteria that she was meant to pass on to her baby to keep him healthy.

Probiotics transformed her son's and family's health. Passionate about providing other families with that knowledge and a superior probiotic, she jumped into serious research and LoveBug Probiotics was born!

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