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Magic Linen-Peach Fitted Twin Sheet -Made in Lithuania



Like many parents, you’ve likely done your share of research or replaced many bed sheets. From Ikea to Amazon, have you ever found one that stood out? We’ve found many to be too thin, faded with wash, too hot to sleep on and the list goes on. This MagicLinen Fit red Sheet was the tour de force of bedsheets at our home- breathable, comfortable, washes really and when my youngest one was still trying to sleep train- the first night she left on her own bed, was with this material for her pillowcase! They are also a dream to put on- study and deeper we’ve found than most bedsheets.  We hope you take a chance and see if it’s become your favorite too! We’ve replaced all our bedsheets and pillow cases at home with these. 

About this product 

Linen fitted sheet in blue melange color.

39 x 76 x 10 in

Gentle and breathable linen sheets will become a staple of every modern bedroom.

The natural thermoregulating and moisture-wicking properties of linen guarantee the feeling of comfort all year round.

Fitted sheets have been pre-washed for maximum softness and durability.

Includes one fitted sheet Continuous elastic hem on all sides Made from 100% european flax.

Stone washed for maximum softness Oeko-tex certified (2019OK0776)

Employs and empower local women.

Labels made from cotton.

Packing bags made from cornstarch. 

Machine washable.


100% linen textile

MagicLinen focuses on one material only - linen. By removing everything else and focusing on linen, we strive to be the absolute best at what we do.

OEKO-TEX® Certified

All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified meaning they are absolutely absent from harmful substances and chemicals. We are committed to sustainable and ethical business practice.

Soft to the Touch and Long-Lasting

Our linen goes through the modern stone washing process, which softens the fabric and creates that lived-in feeling without weakening or otherwise damaging the fiber or its extreme durability.

Handmade quality and craftsmanship

We’re passionate about our craft, our product and our customers. From the idea to development to final product, at MagicLinen everything is done in-house

About MagicLinen

MagicLinen is a family business based in Vilnius, Lithuania, where linen growing, weaving and sewing traditions have roots in ancient times. Since then to the modern days, we have been surrounded by linen textiles, be it bedding or table linens. We find it magical that the crafted linen items can be passed down from generation to generation without losing their beauty and value. At MagicLinen we believe that home linen should be both functional and beautiful. With our rich color palette and unique design details, we invite you to celebrate effortless style, surround yourself with beauty and fall in love with linen.

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