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Maple Syrup Organic Dark & Robust 12 oz. Squeeze Bottle


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My family has been using this maple syrup for over a year now and we use it daily, mostly for the sweetening of our coffee in the morning (for when we need it sweetened). You get the sweetness, without it tasting too maple syrupy.

We use it on a daily basis in place of making our own simple syrup (which was more time consuming because we had to heat it up sugar and funnel into the squeeze bottle and wash the pan after).

Abundantly flavorful and not overlywhelmingly sweet or thick, this organic maple syrup is tasty and balanced—we call it the DO IT ALL maple syrup and sweetener at home.

We also use this when we make pancakes, crepes or need to sweeten oatmeal and açaí bowls/smoothies!

Pouring syrup out of a glass bottle often results in a sticky mess, leaking alongside the bottle after. The no mess squeeze spout is no mess with this convenient BPA free container and is recyclable too! 


BPA-free Plastic 12 oz Squeeze bottle of Dark & Robust Grade A Organic Maple Syrup. Easy squeezy! Our 12oz squeeze bottle is a handy companion for travel or for kids! Its convenient size is ideal for the refrigerator door and our mess-free, no-drip flip-top lid makes portion control easy. The BPA-free container is fully recyclable.

Our Grade A Dark & Robust syrup is blended from sap harvested toward the latter part of what what are you gonna do to it paper in there maple season. It is dark in color and has a deep robust maple flavor.

Maple Syrup is drawn from woodland sap early in the season, is light golden amber in color and offers a smooth, buttery maple taste. Our Grade A Dark & Robust Maple Syrup is blended from sap later in the season, is dark amber-brown in color and has a robust, full-body maple taste. Organic certification ensures biodiversity and health of the forest, and results in a pure, high-quality maple syrup.

You can read more about the benefits of maple syrup here

Maple Valley is a thriving COOPERATIVE with a CONSCIENCE headquartered in Southwest Wisconsin, owned by farmers, employees, customers, vendors and investors with a mission to produce and market the FINEST ORGANIC MAPLE PRODUCTS with fair and sustainable methods. Our thirty farm families, along with our artisan bottlers, blend nutritious maple syrup for the richest colors and robust taste profiles. Our products are certified organic, kosher, vegan-friendly and gluten and allergen free. Our farmers are organic sustainable farming stewards who ensure their maple woodland understory stays intact to provide habitat for abundant and diverse wildlife, they minimally tap their trees to maintain tree health for over 200 years of production. We are focused on sustainable business practices and efficient operations which include a community wind partnership to offset our energy use as well as glass and BPA-free, recyclable plastic packaging. Maple Valley Co-op is committed to producing delicious, small-batch, high-quality maple products. Our small team of a dozen passionate, cooperative-minded, fun people believe in embracing the sweetness each day brings!

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