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Matiz Espana White Tuna (Made in Spain)


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Once you try these delectable, tender and plump spicy sardines, you can never go back to any other brand if sardines. You will be hooked on the quality and the exceptional flavor of the sardines and olive oil it is packed in. We have them on hand at all times got a quick weeknight dinner or afterschool snack! My husband brings them to work with him. We like it with white rice, egg and with a salad on the side. 


Matiz España specializes in locating and importing specialty gourmet food products from the bountiful land of Spain. They are proud to work exclusively with traditional family manufacturers who take personal satisfaction in creating only the highest quality all natural products. 

Matiz España is also a "division" of Culinary Collective, a small company dedicated to supporting the preservation of traditional foods and local food systems worldwide. They do this by supplying U.S. food lovers with gourmet cultural foods that are all natural, fairly sourced, and delicious!

We became a B Corp because we believe that a truly responsible business serves itself, its employees, its stakeholders, and society's best interests by promoting social equity, environmental restoration, and sustainable economic development



Long prized for its exceptional flavor and texture, this white meat Spanish bonito tuna is quite different than regular water-packed tuna you find on supermarket shelves. Pole-caught (and dolphin-free) from the Bay of Biscay in the Basque province of northern Spain, it is hand packed fresh from the ocean and preserved in Spanish olive oil with a touch of sea salt. Delicious!

Serving ideas: Enjoy on sandwiches, salads, and pasta – or stuffed in piquillo peppers with capers and parsley.

Features & details

  • Exceptionally different from regular albacore tuna - The solid texture and hearty flavor of Bonito tuna separates it from the others. This white meat tuna comes to us from the exceptional Bay of Biscay in northern Spain. It is hand packed in high quality Spanish olive oil, giving it that something extra
  • Dolphin Safe - Fished by traditional line and hook methods and packed by hand to ensure the highest quality product
  • 100 Natural, No preservatives or chemical additives, No GMO

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