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“Monstera" Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks Chinese Lunar New Year By Aloha Chopsticks

$1500 $2000

Why We Love It

I usually give out treats, the typical chocolate golden coins, tucked in a red envelope for all of my kids’ classes. My school has started doing the same, so I was looking into something educational, fun and practical for the kids and saw these. How beautiful are these reusable bamboo chopsticks! So glad they are not one time use either.

Kids can work on their chopsticks skills and learn a skill from a different culture.

Take advantage of the sale from now, until the end of February in honor of Lunar New Year!

***Fun fact- Did you know Chopsticks symbolize Happiness?

About this product

Billions of disposable chopsticks are thrown away every year.

Use reusable bamboo chopsticks instead!

Our reusable bamboo chopsticks come from an organic, renewable bamboo source, and are hand burnished to a naturally-smooth finish (splinter-free).

Lightweight and sturdy, these go-anywhere eating utensils can handle more than just fried noodles or sushi.

These bamboo chopsticks are a great and versatile eating utensil, and can be useful tools in the kitchen too.

They wash off easily, travel well, and can be used over and over again.

* Sold as a set of 5 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks

* FDA Approved, Food safe

* Easy to Clean

* Naturally Antibacterial

About Aloha Chopsticks

Aloha Chopsticks is dedicated to their mission to bring awareness to the deforestation caused by the disposable chopstick industry by offering a solution by switching to Reusable Chopsticks.

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