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Moskinto, 24ct - the Original, Itch Relief Patch Sliding Box



This past Father’s Day Weekend we went glamping and boy am I glad we had this.

While I was putting things into our tent, my husband had forgotten to spray the kids with bug spray or put mosquito repellent stickers on them before letting the kids out to explore. 

Needless to say they got bitten many times that first night (one of my 3 kids got 10 bites within 10minutes!) we arrived and it was the only things that brought them instant relief!

My husband used them too!

They are so comfortable, you barely notice they are even there.

I have to remind them to peel it off when it’s not itchy anymore to prevent weird suntan marks on their skin!

About Moskinto itch relief patch 

  • FAST-ACTING RELIEF: Moskinto works instantly to reduce itching and swelling, providing comfort and relief for up to 4-7 days. Plus, the waterproof design ensures the patch stays in place even during swimming or bathing.
  • HOW IT WORKS : Our technology lifts the outer layer of the skin gently to create a draining effect of the itchy substances left behind by mosquitoes.
  • GERMAN INNOVATION: Moskinto Itch-Relief Patches are a revolutionary product, invented in 2016, designed to provide instant relief from annoying mosquito bites. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of this German-engineered solution!
  • DRUG-FREE AND CHEMICAL-FREE: Our patches are made with all-natural materials and utilize a patent-pending technology to eliminate itching without the use of harsh chemicals or medications, making them safe for everyone in the family.
  • SUPER EASY TO APPLY: Moskinto patches are simple to use – just peel and stick! Their compact size and portable container make them perfect for on-the-go relief, whether you're traveling, camping, or just enjoying a day outdoors.
  • FUN AND KID-FRIENDLY: With Moskinto's colorful and playful designs, children will love taking care of their itchy bites in an engaging way. Turn an annoying bite into an opportunity for kids to learn about self-care and responsibility.
  • VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE: Moskinto patches are not only perfect for mosquito bites but also effective on other insect bites and stings. Keep a pack handy for all your outdoor adventures and enjoy itch-free experiences!

About Moskinto

We're strong believers in the power of nature. The outdoors connects you and we're here to make your experience outside even better.

Developed in Germany, our team is made up of kite-surfers, skiers, campers, travelers, and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to provide people with a better solution to treat bites.

Our product works like magic!

We have 2,000+ positive reviews in over 42 countries.

Our Itch-Relief Bite Patches work in a natural way that allows our lymphatic system to drain away from the saliva and anticoagulant left behind by the mosquitoes.

This happens by a small lifting effect that our adhesive patch has on the skin.


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