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New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF20


1 review


Since the kids first started school in Prek, years ago, I found them getting sick often. I purchased several brands to compare and this one is by far my favorite! The honey is a golden yellow and the container is not messy from the frequent twisting off and on.  My entire family uses this. We’ve experienced the benefits of this honey hands-on, kids and adults. With the slightest sore throat , everyone gets a teaspoon and it is as if the sore throat magically dissipates.  We have this honey year round, around our home year and give them a teaspoon before school. 


Your health is important. After all, you only get one body. This high-grade manuka honey is packed with nutrients and essential vitality to help you live your best life. It’s more than just a premium food supplement or skincare aide, it’s straight from nature, as pure as it gets, and ideal for enhancing your wellbeing. You can eat a spoonful a day™ for a boost of vitality, add it to your favourite herbal tea or smoothie for added sweetness and nutrients. It gives you energy on-demand, anytime, anywhere and as simple as a spoonful on the go. Use our honey for its unique healing properties and apply it directly to the skin to assist recovery. Some of the most popular ways to use UMF™ 20+ include face and hair masks, remedying breakouts, helping wounds to heal and supporting the natural recovery from burns. UMF™ 20+ Manuka Honey is ideal for people who live an active lifestyle and care for their internal and external wellbeing.
Made in New Zealand

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Like magic!
I had been battling a sore throat for more than a week. I even went to urgent care it was so bad. Urgent care refused me meds because it was “just inflammation from a cold”. (I was recovering from a double ear infection). The honey was recommended from a friend. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! At first with just a taste on the afternoon of purchase, later with a full teaspoon before bed and then another in the morning. By dinner my sore throat was nonexistent. Around 24hrs total time. Will definitely be keeping this product around.