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Oregon Growers-Marionberry Fruit Spread



Who can resist waking up in the morning, when you have this flavor packed treat waiting for you to spread onto a perfectly butter toast, on your muffin or dalloped on top of your  yogurt?

When I was exploring fruit spreads to add to my shop, I try to look for unique flavors that you may not find so as easily in your local supermarket. I did some research on what a marionberry is and was eager to try it!

Here is some info found in an article in Food and Wine magazine:

“One particular berry stands out as the true summertime fruit, as it's harvested in mid-July: the marionberry.”

“Marionberries are sometimes referred to as the "king of the blackberries," but they're still grown exclusively in Oregon. The 28 to 33 million pounds of marionberries that Oregon produces each year make them the most common blackberry in the state, and they account for more than half of Oregon's entire blackberry crop.”

The rich, earthy flavor of marionberries is a meld of tartness and sweetness. Compared to common blackberries, marionberries have a firmer texture.”

My kids love this one! 

Surprise your significant other by making her breakfast with this vibrant delightful jam his Valentine’s Day!

Makes a great birthday gift, housewarming gift and birthday gift too!


Hailing from Marion county Oregon – our most famous berry takes center stage in our flagship jam. Marionberries have a sweet and earthy flavor that we preserve in every jar. It’s one of our most popular products, and you’ll know why the first time you taste it. So good you can eat it with a spoon; don't worry we won't tell... Blackberries (Marion blackberries or blackberries) Cane Sugar Pectin Citric Acid Size: 12oz.


In 2003, Oregon Growers Founder Dave Gee set out to capture the bounty of the Hood River Valley. Working directly with local farms and orchards, we began creating delicious jams, fruit butters and other farm-fresh food products that showcase and promote the hard work of our area growers. We are proud to make, market and distribute what we call Farm Direct Specialty Foods ® straight from the Pacific Northwest to you, our larger community. We hope you can taste this special place in each of our products.

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