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Lead free Non-Toxic Chunky Bling Glitter Sidewalk Chalk- 4pcs

$880 $1095

Finally, your search for LEAD FREE CHALK is over!! 

Why We Love It

It was pretty tricky to find chalk that was lead free or find chalk that states clearly it is lead free. If I did find them, they were shaped fine, but way over my budget and the shape wasn’t always easy for kids to grasp. I tried to go the route of, “Let me just go with what’s easily and readily available in the market these days, not they ALL BREAK EASILY. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t indestructible, but I have found them to be sturdier than many, many got her brands of chalks. Of course if you drop them from a decent height, they’ll probably break, but I haven’t found them to shatter or crumble like the others out there.

On top of that, you get to  read a little but about the actual game of Hopscotch (with different variations around the world) if you choose to play the game and yes, the book is printed with pretty good quality paper and in color!

Makes a great gift!

More and massed produced doesn’t mean it is better. Quality should matter.

About Chunky™ Chalk

All of our chunky chalk palettes (including glitter) are produced with a propriety mix of non-toxic pigments. All of our chalk line is certified compliant with the US Toxicologist Board - for TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment) and is LHAMA (ASTM D-4236) compliant. Our chalk is also Consumer Product Safety Commission tested (including lead testing), and is CPSIA compliant. Our glitter chalk contains less than .000017 percent of biodegradable glitter particles. Our Urban Infant Sidewalk Chalk is a molded chalk that is intended for use on sidewalk surfaces (verses chalkboards). It does not include calcium carbonate.


  • Jumbo 4-piece set with a fun, roll-proof design for chunky little fingers
  • Non-toxic and child-safe pigments, Consumer Product Safety Commission tested (including lead testing)
  • Toddler-tested-unbreakable, built to withstand enthusiastic artists
  • Comes in vibrant proprietary color palettes made with earth and mineral base pigments
  • Great gift that includes a fun book listing several unique hopscotch variations played around the world

More Details

  • Materials: Produced with water-soluble, non-toxic pigment with no solvents, is Consumer Product Safety Commission tested (including lead testing) and is CPSIA compliant.
  • Dimensions: Individual chalk sticks: 4.25"H x 1.5" in diameter
  • Care: We strive to offer unique, vibrant pigments in our Urban Infant chunky sidewalk chalk, providing kids with richer colors in their artwork. From time-to-time, kids are going to get chalk on their clothing; it’s part of creative outdoor play. Our parents have offered their best advice for cleaning, should your clothing stains become difficult. Stain removal suggestions below are provided as a service to consumers. While our methods have been successful in testing with parents, we are unable to guarantee results. Before attempting the removal methods, feel free to test each procedure on an inconspicuous area of the material or surface to be cleaned. 
  • Mom’s Advice for washable fabrics:
    • Shake all loose chalk from fabric before washing
    • Blot chalk with rubbing alcohol, placing a paper towel underneath and on top
    • Use a pretreat spray before washing
    • Add an OxiClean powder to your laundry load
    • Wash in hot water

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