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Public Goods Shells and Cheese (12oz)


We have run out of stock for this item.


Its the mac and cheese we all grew up with and know and love, minus the bad ingredients!

This is sooo good and dare I say, better than our child favorite! 

The shells are organic and cooks perfectly al dente- no mushiness in sight- the perfect creamy chew and bite.

The cheese sauce isn’t mystery powder, but real cheese and butter!

Kid approved for sure!

Made in the USA! 

Kids eat so much mac and cheese (at least my kids all do lol), you might as well give them high quality shells and cheese. 

To compare, the usually blue box you probably buy is 7.25oz, so this is almost double the amount!

Current Stock Best by 5-2023

About Public Goods Shells and Cheese

Our mac & cheese is classic comfort food, upgraded.

Made with 100% organic premium durum wheat and cheddar cheese, our mac is a ready-made meal you can feel good about.

Each box includes a packet of creamy cheese sauce -- not the usual pouch of dry, chemical-laden cheese powder.

This means no remnant clumps of artificial cheese dust in your bowl -- only rich and velvety ribbons of real cheddar.

Riff on this oldie-but-goodie by mixing in your favorite vegetables, adding a pinch of nutmeg, or crumbling a buttery cracker-crust on top.

What’s in it:

Organic durum wheat semolina, organic cheddar cheese, organic butter.

What’s not in it: Toxic industrial chemicals, phthalates, and artificial flavors.

It’s all good: This product is non-GMO, certified organic, ready-made, and highly riffable. Product of USA.


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