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RESTOCKED!!! Imagination Air Dough Bucket (60 bags)


Why We Love This

There really isn’t a better busy toy that keeps kids entertained for hours and off the screen. 

Instant party entertainer for kids and adults alike.

Make this a monthly staple for a STEAM powered imagination fun!

Less messy than play dough, paintable and countless of ideas monthly for those PTA Meetings! 

Dries hard, without the need of a kiln. 

Create ornaments for holidays, animal figurines? hand prints for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day, tiny houses, tiny furnitures and models for school projects , pretend food like dumplings, spaghetti! 

Schools and PTAs, please email Yvonne via info@mamasgotheart@gmail.com to request a 15% off discount code for this Air Clay Bucket anytime! 


About this product

Air Dough is the lightest, most amazing dough on Earth! The Air Dough Bucket contains 60 bags of colored Air Dough including 4 bags of glow-in-the-dark dough, 3 sculpting tools, and instructions!

Ages 3+ Instructions and tools included

3000 ml of Air Dough Strong elasticity

Easy mixing Air dry (dries over night)

Less messy than play dough 

Won’t stick to fabric


Gluten free(do not ingest this product)

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