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Storybook Pad with Kid-friendly Writing Lines


We have run out of stock for this item.


The wider lines make this perfect t for your child to to active their writing over the summer! Take this instead of a journal to your next adventure! Kids will be so excited and have so much to write and draw at the end of their exciting day!

Have a child who gets frustrated writing or trying to fit their words onto those tiny composition notebooks lines?

This storybook pad allocates about half of the space on top for a drawing and wider dotted lines for kids  (see images) who may still be working on improving and practicing their writing. 

Create a story on every page on this paperback with less frustration!

So many uses for this: create a one page story, create a book using multiple pages; create a comic with it by adding word bubbles to illustrations; practice writing short sentences or even just a word and they can pair it with an illustration.

Comes with 40 Sheets

8.00" x 11.00" x 0.25"