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KimlyParc Original Instant Latte- Made in South Korea


1 review

Why We Love It

This was love at first glance -how incredibly cute is the packaging; then taste, immediately following. As big coffee fanatics at home, we have our fancy espresso machine at home, in which we use with our favorite whole coffee beans from Onyx that we make on weekends. 

On weekdays, things are usually more rushed and I often stocked up on instant korean coffee from H-mart, Malaysian Instant Coffee or Vietnamese Instant Coffee packs- all excellent flavor and quick. However, I stopped because in the back of my mind, I knew it’s probably not the best choice to have daily because they often contain ingredients I’ve never heard of. 

Then come KimlyParc Original Korean Latte and I’m in love! It was hard to believe they were able to truly recreate the instant coffee I know and love, but with better ingredients! The description is spot on (dalgona, creme fraiche) — it is balanced, smooth with just the right amount of sweetness.  

So excited to be able to offer this here for you to enjoy too!

About this product

*vegan, gluten-free, and always free of artificial flavors
* tasting note of crème fraîche, dalgona, balanced
* great for at-home and outdoor activities
* enjoy hot or iced
* as seen on k-drama korean-inspired instant coffee


Contains: Coconut freeze-dried coffee, vegan creamer, organic unrefined cane sugar, Himalayan pink salt

About KimlyParc

KimlyParc is a modern take on 90s Korean instant latte, created by two Asian women who grew up in Korea.

Made with high-quality ingredients like freeze-dried coffee, vegan creamer, organic unrefined cane sugar, and himalayan pink salt, our latte achieves a creamy and sweet taste without compromising the rich flavor of the coffee.

It's easy to make and perfect for enjoying at home, the office, the park, or on the go.

KimlyParc brings convenience and deliciousness to both coffee enthusiasts and newcomers.

Brand Values

Women owned

AAPI Owned

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mailyn D.
Will purchase again!

I'm thrilled to leave a positive review for my recent order. The transaction was incredibly fast and easy, making the whole experience convenient. The coffee itself was delicious, hitting the spot just right. Highly recommended