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The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi



Over 1 million copies sold worldwide.

A guaranteed-to-please book for toddlers that’s best shared loudly!

The wolf goes aaooooo. The owl goes hoo hoo. The monkey goes oo oo oo. The cuckoo goes cuckoo. The power outlet says NO!

With over 100 pages, and impossible to read badly, this unique and sturdy board book is full of bright, bold illustrations and lots of noises to make together. From animals to transport to kisses. This addictive read aloud baby book will have babies and toddlers giggling and roaring and woofing and croaking with every read.

Full of read aloud surprises and unpredictable fun, this is the perfect gift for baby showers, new babies or toddler birthdays.

“You could really inject your personality in the words and have fun with the sounds”―
The Guardian

Soledad Bravi is the author of many books and draws for French
Elle magazine.

Praise for
The Noisy Book
"This celebration of sound is epic in its scope and delightful in its execution… Clever and raucous fun."―
Publishers Weekly

“With a catalog of over 50 animals and objects on 116 thinner-than-normal-but-still-sturdy pages (probably the longest board book on record), this offering gives youngsters plenty to chatter about”―
Kirkus Reviews

“A brilliant book for very young tots, simple illustrations and large font make this fun and easy to read.”
The Evening Standard, Best Picture Books for Children

“I loved that book [Noisy Book] so much, instead of grabbing a moment to myself, I would often sit and listen to my husband read it to her, giggling at his version of a donkey’s hee-haw or a frog’s ribbet. I admired the way that the book changed with every narrator who read it, that you could really inject your personality in the words and have fun with the sounds”―The Guardian

"It's the simplest format in the world: a parade of pictures and sentences that describe the sound that goes with each image. But this turns simplicity into something like an art-form, and unlike most board books, this goes the full distance - all one hundred pages of it!"―
Kids Confidential UK

"The Noisy Book lives up to its name. The author’s illustrations are admirably simple, bold and colourful, a pleasing match for the easy to read text on the facing page"―
The Source AU

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