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Ultra Clear Folding Umbrella with Auto Open Technology Totes Transparent Umbrella


Why We Love It

There are now an over abundance of umbrellas out in the market and sadly, many or most of them seem unreliable and compete with each other for how cheap you can get it for.

From as long as I could remember as a child, Totes was the “golden standard” of high-quality umbrellas. 

The school days where it rained, you know you would stay dry and the umbrella won’t flip on you immediately if you were carrying a Totes Umbrella. 

Fast forward decades since then and now with kids, I always wondered why anyone ever made umbrellas that were not transparent. I remember the struggle of having to lift my black umbrella, while crossing the street with my children and a stroller in tow. 

Since then, I have gotten quite pretty transparent umbrellas with nice floral designs on them, but the have to be replaced almost yearly because they flipped often and fell apart easily. They were manual long kids umbrellas and never fit in their backpack. 

I believe I have found the most perfect umbrella! After reading about Totes now as an adult, I am even more in awe of their company and mission. I could see it looking pretty classy for a formal event. It is super easy to open and can fit on the side pocket of their backpacks. The close is however manual. 

If I were going on a hiking type of trip or where I expect heavy wind most of the time, I would probably opt for a non-transparent umbrella because in my opinion, the plastic material of a transparent umbrella will probably never be as flexible and fold as a good old standard umbrella material, but this umbrella is very comfortable for every day use for the rain. 

Their umbrellas are LIFETIME WARRANTY! They stand behind the quality of their umbrellas for life!

I have since also learned that many many of their umbrellas are made from recycled bottles (as if I couldn’t love them any more). 

I hope you get the chance to invest in a Totes umbrella and see the quality and feel yourself!


About this product

  • Lightweight, auto open, foldable clear canopy umbrella allows for easy one-handed operation, plus see through design adds a punch of style
  • Sleek black canopy trim coordinates with any outfit. Take Care by leave open to dry. Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • 100% durable and smooth, clar TPU fabric for the ultimate in premium quality
  • Perfectly portable with ergonomic rubber coated handle and wrist strap; folds to just 11.5 inches
    • Canopy Size: 42-inches; stands 11.5 inches when closed. Care instructions: Leave open to dry. Wipe clean with a damp cloth
    • Comfortable handle with black canopy trim coordinates with any outfit
    • PVC Free
    • Clear canopy for maximum see-through visibility


Get a bright view on those grey days with the totes ultra clear automatic open close folding umbrella. Enjoy protection from wind and rain with this 42-inch ultra-clear canopy – totally see-through coverage that shields your hair and makeup from the elements. Easily navigate busy city streets with a canopy that won't obstruct your vision of people passing by. Automatically opens with the touch of a button keeping one hand free when you're on the go. The ergonomic rubber coated handle, wrist strap, and sleek black canopy trim make this umbrellathe perfect rain accessory for women of all ages and lifestlyes.

 About Totes

Totes line of products unlock a worry-free world where every change in weather is another chance to shine. Rain, sun, or cold Totes ingeniously delivers comfort, quality, and durability to brighten each and every day.

We've been creating a care-free world of weather protection with midwestern charm and a splash of sunshine since 1924. Since then, we've been busy designing products and categories that always brighten your day – from rain to sun, warm or cold. 

With our patented technologies and sustainable approaches, we create remarkable solutions for next-level experiences that always bring a little extra shine. 

Each year, millions of yards of fabric go unused across the fashion industry. We utilize that excess fabric to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind umbrellas that still maintain the trusted totes® quality that you know and love.

Annually, totes saves 45 million water bottles from landfills and oceans, and transforms them into umbrellas. These umbrellas are constructed with a 100% recycled polyester canopy with all the same great protection you love and expect. ​

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