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Ezpeleta Aero - the Lightest - 100% Carbon Fiber - Black (weighs 100grams)


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This umbrella is super, super, SUPER lightweight! The material is thinner and softer (personally, it feels almost like silk) than the umbrellas you usually use.

It closes small, but opens like a standard size umbrella. It can truly be carried everywhere with you!

No need to send your kid to school with a heavy umbrella that adds weight to their already heavy backpack. 

Great for travel too! This is the umbrella to bring when you’re not sure if it’ll rain or not because it is so light to carry- they are lighter than my house keys!

Such a nifty, brilliant and practical umbrella— carrying this around almost makes me feel like I have a super power -hah! 

 A great gift that makes the recipient go “Wow!!!”

About this product

EZPELETA AERO Black: The lightest umbrella, but strong as steel!

Its weight of only 100 grams makes this umbrella the most comfortable, and can be carried everywhere.

The material of its structure, made of carbon fiber, makes it stronger than steel, and flexible to withstand inclement weather.

This material gives the umbrella anti-wind technology, which allows the umbrella to “roll over” in the face of the wind, but prevents its rods from breaking.

The ultralight fabric, produced with an ultra-fine 15D yarn, gives it lightness, as well as a very special touch.

Designed in black color, an essential wardrobe item.

Waterproof cover made of ultralight fabric.

Manual folding umbrella

Ultralight fabric: with 15D ultra-fine yarn

Material: 100% Carbon Fiber

No. of Sections: 3 Rod length: 53 cm

No. of Rods: 6

Length when closed: 23 cm

Open diameter: 99 cm

Weight: 100 g


About Ezpeleta

EZPELETA was born in northern Spain in 1935, and has been designing and producing umbrellas ever since. A professional team, young, committed and passionate about their work, is the one behind each of our umbrellas. Each creation is unique, exclusive. They start from scratch and are born in our design department. The result is a high-quality umbrella, inspired by fashion trends, with attractive designs and special attention to detail. We understand the umbrella as a sophisticated and elegant accessory that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Today, after more than 85 years of activity, EZPELETA is a brand recognized and valued throughout Europe. We are backed by the trust that our customers place in our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Laura Greengold

I got two for my kids after trying it out myself, so light you can keep it with you all of the time. Great quality..