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Umami Dashi Soy Sauce -Made in Japan -Cabi


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Why We Love It

I am all for the short cuts in cooking, but there’s got to be flavor too! Somehow, I always end up buying whole garlic heads when I cook, because the bulk peeled ones just don’t seem to have as much flavor as the freshly smashed.

I would deem this a very worthy short cut! The umanmi dashi soy sauce is extremely balanced- you taste the soy sauce, mirin and dashi- none of them overly powering each other- a harmonious trio of flavors!

Somtimes you don’t have time to measure. Sometimes you don’t have space to store dashi, mirin and soy suave in your pantry. This is it!

It makes cooking your favorite dipping soba noodles so easy- so balanced you don’t even have to add water to dilute it- just pour and dip! 

Got the sashimi from Hmart for dinner, but feeling lazy and don’t want to dilute your soy sauce? This is it! 

Making Japanese Beef and Onions (Gyudon), no need to measure- just pour this sauce until it’s to your liking (pour enough in to let it simmer for a bit).

Dinners have never been so easy!

About this product

Made in Japan

Dashi is a umami packed flavor bomb. It’s also the backbone of most Japanese dishes.

With the versatile flavors of dashi and soy sauce weaved together, a heavenly savory flavor and new staple is created!

Cabi's Umami Dashi Soy Sauce is made out of premium ingredients using traditional techniques that have been passed down for 10 generations in Shimane, a countryside in Japan, known for their yummy soba noodles.


About Cabi

Easy-to-use Japanese flavors. It’s all you need. No cooking required, unless desired. Cabi started because we wanted to share the beauty and ease of Japanese home cooking. We believe that food is a universal language that shows love and it can be shared with multiple cultures yet unique to its own origin. Cabi is unique to Japan, but as the world gets smaller and smaller we have created our unique and original flavors to share our culture that can be used in any type of cuisine in the way we think is love and authentic. We believe everyone should eat healthier and better food with peace of mind. That’s why we commit to quality and flavors creating the original products with partners in Japan who have been perfecting their products for over 100+ years.

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