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Welcome Force of Nature! A Brief Review of The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant & Deodorizer

Welcome Force of Nature! A Brief Review of The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant & Deodorizer

Wow! It’s been quite a few months since MGH’s last blog post! I finally found a post worthy of sharing with you. How suiting since Earth Day is just around the corner!

This is the OG All Purpose Cleaner. I first came upon Force of Nature Cleaner at my friend’s house. Our kids had a group project together and one of my kids had a nosebleed. I watched as she immediately popped a capsule of the Force of Nature Cleaner into what seemed to be a “science lab” looking contraption and watched it disperse and it was ready to use in 10 minutes. Being a STEM teacher, I was amused at her explanation of how the product did not have bad things “chemicals” in it and how the solution was only made of vinegar and salt and how the machine  does something to the tap water when turned on, it becomes this completely safe and super strong (strong as Bleach!) cleaning vehicle. The nosebleed stain on the white shirt disappeared, with no stains left behind! I thought wow, this fancy device must cost hundreds of dollars.  

Naturally, when I am inspired by something that supports my motto “Better Goods for a Better World,” I jump to it! I was enthused and immediately reached out to test this product on other things in my home, before deciding if I wanted to add it to Mamas Got Heart. I was immediately sent the starter set and got testing! First, some information about Force of Nature.

PC: Force of Nature


Dane Poeske, Chief Officer in Force of Nature was kind enough to share with me their strategy and inspiration behind the brand!

“Our strategy in designing the Force of Nature brand was that we didn't want to make tiny changes in sustainability, we wanted to set a whole new standard for cleaning products. We set out to completely eliminate single-use plastic bottles and toxic chemicals going into our water systems – while still providing a powerful cleaner and EPA registered disinfectant as effective as bleach. That's exactly what we did. 
We are proud to announce that Force of Nature became one of the first cleaning products to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Partners .  While most companies hope to become carbon neutral by 2050, Force of Nature achieved this goal in 2023.  We have engineered our Force of Nature system to have a carbon footprint that's 10 times lower than traditional bottled cleaners and reduced plastic waste by 97%.”
Woah! What a tour de force introduction! I was even more intrigued and motivated to test out Force of Nature now. I’ve been on a mission to become eco-friendly minded since I had kids and started HopscotchMom.com and have been reviewing eco-friendly things since then (nearly 10 years now!). I’ve used so many brands and products, that I know unfortunately, probably 1/2 of the time “better for the earth” doesn’t mean it works “just as good” or as strong cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, sprays to clean greasy stove tops, grime on tiles, fryers and toilets.


The set up was easy peasy! You just pour tap water to the line indicated and plug in the base. Squeeze in the salt and vinegar capsule and wait a few seconds for it to disperse. Once the device turns from blue to green, it is ready to go!

The first thing I tested the Force of Nature on was this sauce stain area, in front of the basket. I set a sauce here and didn’t realize it left a mark. I believe this stain was from a soy sauce chili oil bottle I tested out for my shop. 

I sprayed and waited 10 minutes for maximum efficiency (as per the instructions) and wiped with Force of Nature’s biodegradable, compostable and reusable paper towel replacement! You wouldn’t believe how easily the stain came off! I was sort of impressed, but wanted to test out more dirty spots.  

Side Note: My intention of this post was focused on the Force of Nature Starter Kit, but I have to rave about these spectacular REUSABLE paper towels too! As per Dane; these washable cleaning cloth replaces 5-6 rolls of paper towels which is better for the planet and saves you valuable storage space and money. I am not new to reusable paper and I am hooked on these! They give you a substantial Bounty Paper Towel feel in her hands while you are using it to wipe/clean and when you are rinsing it clean (yes, I have washed and rinsed paper towels before hah!) . 

On to the next spot to test out the Force of Nature Disinfectant. This place was on my stove. 

I am always splattering everywhere whenever I am frying salmon (either the oil was too hot or I accidentally put too much oil or the fish wasn’t pat dry enough, usually in a hurry). I sprayed and waited for 10 minutes and sure enough, it came out easily, leaving no greasy residue behind. I was astounded. I’ve used other non toxic cleaners on my stove before, but they usually left a film or a streak, but not with Force of Nature.  

The Ninja Air Fryer is frequently used and gets sticky outside. I think most people that use fryers can relate. I didn’t have time to wait 10 minutes for this one and just simply sprayed and cleaned. I will re-clean this later, but not bad for a quick wipe and spray!

This stain was from a forgotten sweet potato that was put in a basket and leaked (yuck)! I sprayed and waited 10 minutes and lo and behold, it was spotless! I barely even had to scrub. 

Not pictured here, but I also got to test the Force of Nature on my bathroom tiles that turned discolored and it actually worked, in removing the stain with some moderate scrubbing. The instructions did suggest adding baking soda to help with scrubbing on stubborn stains, but I haven’t tried that yet. Will update with photos later on. 

PC: Force of Nature

All in all, I just have to say YOU NEED THIS in your life. It is tough enough to remove bathroom stains, yet gentle enough to spray directly on a pacifier to clean it and safe to use around pets! My kids used this the other day to clear our mini fridge (I am the one that sets it up and they always use it only with adult supervision) and I was thrilled they (we) did not have to worry about it getting on food or having to find disposable gloves to protect my hands. Next, I plan to see how it works on stubborn discolored pans and pots. This can help keep disposable gloves from entering landfills since it is safe to use without gloves !

I don’t think I’ve been so enthusiastic about a product, since I discovered the almost “magical” capabilities of our New Zealand UMF20 Honey for battling colds, sore throats and immune support! The Kosterina Garlic EVOO is a pantry staple that is another must have in your home! This is easily in my top 3 favorite items at MGH right now. Grab yours now, before it becomes sold out ! This makes a great unique gift for any one who is looking to switch to clean ingredients and would also make a spectacular house warming gift, Bridal Shower Gift or Mother’s Day Gift!