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MGH Holiday Gift Guide 2023

MGH Holiday Gift Guide 2023

 Hello everyone!

I am proud to present MGH Holiday Gift Guide 2023, filled with thoughtful ideas for your teachers, health care workers, family and friends for all your thoughtful and practical Holiday gifting! Check back here often on this post, as I may add more to i this list for the month of December! 

Pocket Latte (Variety Coffee Chocolate Bars Bundle)

Pocket Latte has been a staple in the shop probably the longest of all the food items in my shop. It’s been a hot item for teachers and nurses and easily giftable! Three out off the four flavors are dairy free, so even if your gift recipient is dairy free, they can still eat it! They can carry this coffee chocolate everywhere for a pick me up snack. This bundle of 4 can be separated and tucked into a holiday card for teacher aids and paras as well- excellent for bulk gifting! 

Kosterina Garlic Oil

My handpicked gift pick for the year- it’s insanely good and super, super garlicky! Once you try this with bread, you will never want to be without this! Our favorite to have this in our home with with baguette, topped burrata (or sub with fresh mozzarella) with tomato slices, pinch of salt and pepper and basil. It makes excellent instant garlic fried rice and works magic over finished spaghetti or clam linguine. 

Squeezable WildflowerHoney (flavorful and mess free)

 The Lone Star Wildflower Honey is the absolute tastiest and most practical honey ever! It’s been a staple in my own home for several years now. We use it to make honey tea in the morning before school -my kids’ enjoy it with our JusTea Chamomile Blend and  Green Tea Blend. JusTea plus this honey makes a gorgeous and thoughtful gift set. My kids are obsessed with this honey over frozen wild berries- so so good and healthy for you too! It’s a snack or dessert they’ve never turned down and husband and I love it too. 

JusTea Chamomile, Hibiscus or Green Tea Blend

JusTea makes really fresh tasting and tasty tea blends. The peekaboo window on top, the study hun and cute keepsake wooden spoon makes it a top choice for gifts, especially for your favorite tea lover in your family, teacher, doct or or friend. Stainless steel tea strainer also available, as an add on to this beautiful gift! The Chamomile is a safe bet and can sooth sore throats, tummyaches and help you settle down before bed. The Hibiscus Tea is perfect for your more adventurous tea fanatic person or someone who’s love to host parties or make iced tea . The Green Tea Blend is a little different from your traditional green tea- if you love Gemaicha (or toasted rice tea), you will enjoy this tea, that is a twist from the original green tea you know and love, with it’s touch of fruitiness and mild peppercorn note (my kids love this one).  

Organic Dark & Robust Maple Syrup

I gifted this to the teachers for Thanksgiving! It tastes amazing in coffee (doesn’t taste like maple syrup- just lightly sweetens it), waffles and pancakes. The dark and robust maple syrup is really flavorful and doesn’t leak, due to its easy to squeeze spout.  

Original Duckhead Totebag

These super cute designs and sturdy foldable totebagso are actually made from recycled bottles! This is also an easy one to gift because it can be easily tucked into your child’s backpack-lightweight, fun designs and a gift that won’t go to waste for sure- most people probably do carry around their own totes these days since shopping bags require an extra charge at the grocery store these days. 

Lightweight, insulated and cute rPET Lunchbag

These lunchbags are made of recycled bottles. Special order required and must order at least 5. It would take about a week (more or less) to arrive to be shipped to you. All the teachers my kids had the prior years still can be seen carrying these around the school and during pick up! This is also an excellent gift for Teacher Appreciation Week. At about $8 per bag, it’s a great gift on a budget too! 

 Grady’s Cold Brew New Orleans Style Coffee 

This is probably one of the coolest gifts to gift a coffee lover! You don’t have to worry if they have a coffee maker, an espresso machine, use coffee pods, have a grinder for pour overs because all they need to do is simply add filtered water to the line and leave it in their free overnight! It makes really amazing tasting New Orlean styled coffee (think Blue Bottle Coffees). 

Momofuku Truffle Chilli Crunch & Soy Sauce Set

If you love Chili Crunch and love truffles, you will love this unique chili crunch! Momofuku Chili crunch without the truffles is also available and makes an exciting gift for the foodie in your life, complete with Momofuku Aged Soy Sauce and Air fried Soy Sauce or Tingly Noodles.

If you’ve found this list helpful, please do share and don’t forget to pin this list of thoughtful gift ideas! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, warm and joy filled Holiday Season! 

With heart & gratitude,


Mamas Got Heart Founder