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Announcing MGH’s Better Goods for a Better World

Announcing MGH’s Better Goods for a Better World

After years of birthday and school parties, I was sick of seeing so many of the traditional goody bags getting tossed right after every birthday party. Cellophane bags are so nice to put  treats in because they are convenient, transparent, cheap and easy. However, they are contributing to the never ending pile of plastic on earth, that never breaks down.

Hence, the search for the ultimate gift bag was born! Thanks to Jackie at @motif.jackie , she was able to help me turn my vision of the ultimate gift bag to fruition with her sustainable and eco-friendly fabric!

This versatile, lightweight, strong and sustainable fabric is a handwoven blend if undyed cotton and jute blend fibres. 

Zero carbon, zero toxicity, and after a long useful life, ultimately zero waste!

Plant Shops— these are the bags you never thought you needed at your plant shop! Please reach out for bulk orders or to get a quote!

9x12in Small Cotton Jute Gift Bag

Our fair trade handwoven small Cotton Jute Blend Bag, sized 9x12in (pictured above) is just the right size to gift to as it is, or to wrap up your favorite gift! Here, we have it pictured with some of our @justeakenya fair trade teas inside. This also makes the perfect plant bag for your plant shop or grocery store !

Makes at great gift basket too!

12x16 Large Cotton Jute Bag

Large Cotton Jute Blend Bag

Our larger cotton jute bag (see above image) measures 12x16in can can hold a small or medium plant! Help your plant store stand out by putting your customer’s plant in these hand woven and fair trade bags!

They make quite a stand out grocery bag, a cover up for a basket or party favor bag as well and will look very elegant at a beach wedding, tied with some twine and shells.

These beautiful bags are each hand woven by the skilled artisans in Bangladesh. Working with Jackie also means that this fabric is Fair Trade, which means people and planet are put first before profit. Workers get to work in good working conditions and fair pay. Supporting fair trade means you, the consumer get to take part in fighting poverty, climate change, gender inequality and injustice and furthering education.

Here, Jackie’s talented team of Motif Handmade  is working  on the production of MGH’s un-dyed cotton jute blend zero waste bags bags in Bangladesh. Check out her collection of sustainable fabrics— they are all eco-friendly and gorgeous!!!