Insect Lore Butterfly Grow Kit (Homeschool Edition)

Insect Lore Butterfly Grow Kit (Homeschool Edition)

I am beyond excited to announce that InsectLore Butterfly Homeschool Edition just arrived at Mamas Got Heart! I remember doing the regular version on this kit over 10 years ago when I was still teaching PreKindergarten! I was particularly drawn to the Homeschool Edition because:

-Being in NYC, sometimes mean either the classrooms or families in apartments might have a smaller space. This edition fits right on the countertop and doesn’t take up too much space.

-The shorter triangular shape forms one one side that has a clear viewing window! I believe the regular edition might have had a clear window,  however it was tall and only on top of the cylindrical shaped kit.

-Comes with a prepaid voucher for FREE BUTTERFLIES AND FREE SHIPPING TOO! Super easy to redeem. 

-Comes with a really fun and interactive journal that kids can play games, note their observations and review the butterfly life cycle. . 

As always, my family and I tested the kit out before adding it to shop!

April 30 Redeemed Voucher for Caterpillars

May 4th Caterpillars Arrived

May 13th Caterpillars formed Chrysalis/ Cocoon

May 20 Became butterflies 

May 22nd Set butterflies free! 

Here are some photos from start to finish:





From the Observation Journal

Visit my instagram to find a video of my girls releasing the butterflies!  

Get the InsectLore Butterfly Garden Homeschool Edition here! For a limited time only, add the Best Ever Bug Jar to your cart with the Butterfly Garden and get FREE SHIPPING for this order!