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Grow Tomatoes , Alpine Strawberries or Dwarf Sunflowers right out of the Bag!

Grow Tomatoes , Alpine Strawberries or Dwarf Sunflowers right out of the Bag!

Just added the Tomato in a Bag  , Alpine Strawberry Grow Bag and Dwarf Sunflower to the Fundraise Collection. As many of you may know, we strive to test out most, if not all of the items before putting them in the shop; or at the least do some research on the items before listing them. 

We tested out the Tomato Grow Plant and Alpine Strawberry Grow Bag! They were planted on 1/30/21 and the tomato plant sprouted on 2/4/21 with the strawberry sprouting a few days later. They are easy, convenient, educational and they really work! 

So many times, just finding soil, a pot or seeds can be annoying- and many times, we don’t have all of the things we need at home and can deter us from growing activities. These Grow  Bags are convenient, fun, educational and fun. They also make a great Easter Activity for friends, birthdays, graduation celebrations, weddings and parties. 

Here is a Picture Walk of Parts of the Prep Work. Literally everything is in the bag: coconut chips, soil, seeds and the grow bag. The only thing you need to add is water. 

We also tried the Alpine strawberry Garden in a Bag and we are happy to report that it also sprouted.  The plastic bag they included with the soil was repurposed to cover the plant bag until it sprouted. 


Here’s another update on the Strawberry Plant (top) on 2/21/21 and a Tomato Plant (bottom):

Please email me to inquire about Fundraising for your school or forward me your PTA’s email and I can loop them into our full collection. 10% or all purchases get donated with a check to your PTA after the Fundraise period is over! Your Fundraise Period can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month long! You can request to view our Fundraise Collection before deciding if you’d like to collaborate with Mamas Got Heart.

All items from our Fundraise Collection will be shipped straight to your home between 3-6 weeks (more than likely before 6 weeks, but times were considered since we are shipping during a pandemic).   

Fundraise with “Purposeful, Practical, Fun and Mindful Goods” and tie it into your ELA,  social studies or science lesson learn about each company we partner with and their impact on earth and/or the people in it.

Check out our Fundraise Launch blog post for details on what you can expect with a Mamas Got Heart Fundraiser.  

With heart and gratitude,


Mamas Got Heart