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What do you mean by “mindful purchase”?

What do you mean by “mindful purchase”?

Some of you may wonder what I mean by “mindful purchases”.

By definition, “Mindful” means :bearing in mind  or being aware of. 

There are many things I've become more mindful of since becoming a mama about 8 years ago .

I had to be mindful of what I was eating when I was breastfeeding my first child because she was allergic to dairy, eggs and numerous types of nuts. I was mindful of what foods I ate and what made her skin react or her tummy act up. I was mindful of what I ate and if it made her gassy or her tummy disagree. 

Yes, that’s why I have a dairy free section in my shop. More to come in the next few weeks (Enjoy Life Dairy free Semi sweet chocolates fit snacking and baking, Earth Balance Cheddar Squares and Vegan Cheddar Puffs, a coconut based Vegan Condensed Milk are just a few to start with (Please subscribe to my newsletter, as I will post a notice when they are in!). For now, we have something here for the grown ups! The Pocket Lattes are our newest obsessions! They will be gifted this year for all of our kids teachers this year, doctors, dentists, family and friends. One full cup of caffeine in each bar of chocolate ? Pretty clever and practical, I’d say! They are super tasty too! 

I became mindful when we started to throw birthday parties and how often we put things in there that are usually one time use that go straight to the trash the next day, goes into goody bags and party decorations

Yes, that is why I am slowly filling this shop with eco friendly decorations. For now, I have an eco friendly leaf garland perfect to use over and over made of wool (fair trade and Made in Nepal). I also have some eco fresheners (with colorful heart and star shapes )  from Friendsheep that you can add to a party display and scent with the essential oils made just for them. Subscribe to the newsletter when our rainbow tissue garlands and confetti hits the ship! 

I became mindful of the materials in their water bottles, utensils, toys, drawing materials and plates/bowls. Believe it or not, so many things contain lead and other chemicals in them. Some major companies and brands also contain lead. Lead free mama has been a great resource I’ve come  upon when it comes to testing this for lead. The various reviews above done in my other blog, Hopscotchmom.com reviewed several items that are lead free, such as bowls, plates, cooking pans, and etc. All this reading and research had made me more mindful of the choices I make when purchasing items for my home, family and  bring into schools when I send in party favors. 

Yes, that’s why I have a section here on eco friendly home goods. I’ve been obsessed with polyester bags for the longest and it is one way to be mindful, but ultimately, polyester is still plastic. I will slowly be adding cotton and jute tote bags to the shop. 

Mindfulness could mean eco-friendly and how the toys we buy can have an impact on our family and our earth. 

I will be adding more eco friendly toys to the shop. For now, please shop out the Tegu Section! The fun ornaments can be a fun display and addition to the tree or winter wonderland this year. Who wouldn’t love a T-rex in Sled or a Fox head planter? Subscribe to the newsletter as I will be adding some fun kitchen towels and dishcloth towels to the shop as well in the few week weeks. 

I have a Pin Yourself section to remind us all to be mindful of who we are and the stay true to it! Ice cream lover? Peace maker? We’ve got a pin for you that will last for years to come! Pop them in your sister’s stocking or pin one on your bag. Great to have as a keepsake or pass on to your loved ones when you feel it’s time to regift it. 

Books, books, books! There is a book for everyone. I curate some of good finds and will continue to add on within the next few months. Right now we have some fun shadow books, a magical addition to bedtime routine as kids get to gaze at the projections on the wall.  Read it for a sleepover and hand it out as a favor for friends to bring home. 

I am not one to say I have no “ wasteful”  items in my home or only buy all eco friendly items or my house, but I do try my best to be aware and mindful, weighing pros and cons of the items I buy. I try.

Anyone that knows me personally will all probably say the same about me, I only give what I get for my own home; things I found helpful for my home and feed my own kids and family. 

So what do I mean by my motto when I say “Paving ways for us all to make a difference in this world one mindful purchase at a time?” I mean just be mindful. When you shop at Mamas Got Heart, it is as if I am inviting you into my home. You will find research I’ve done to select each item in my store and the gifts I gift my family and friends; doctors and dentists. Nothing makes me happier than giving a gift that is meaningful. My wish is that when you are browsing or shopping at Mamas Got Heart, you know that the person running it puts her heart into it and she tries her best. She hopes you leave her store feeling empowered and inspired; or having learning something new about making mindful purchase. Often times, she will share stories of the brand of the month and what that brand inspired her. This month, the brand of the month is Tegu! Feel free to explore the items I have from Tegu and read a little bit more about their company and mission. 

 She welcomes you to reach out if you have any other suggestions of what you would love to see in the shop! If you have stories any of the items featured in my shop, I am welcoming guest writers at this time to share their story here too. You can email Yvonne at info@mamasgotheart.com

So come along and shop with us! This is a new endeavor for this mama of 3 and I look forward to listening, learning and growing with you through the connections we make through this store!

Thank you for supporting this woman run, mama run small business.

With all my heart,